coracle, corougle, corracle, curricle and coricle.

A couple years ago i became obsessed with these small light weight boats that SEEMED so simple. I had to make one. a couple guys i worked with wanted to make one too. though no one else ever tackled the challenge i was determined. through some major trail and error(i broke 2 boat frames figuring things out) i finally completed my coracle. It took some time before i was able to water test it. Though it was a success and proved to be water tight and built well, i am a big guy and i was just a little too heavy for it. Coracles are a tad wobbly in nature and with the rim of my boat so close to the water i feared it would be far to easy to tip and take on water. I did successfully use it but was not brave enough to venture far from the waters edge. BUT, i am still proud of it and donated it to my tiny hobbit of a friend stefan. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a great video showing how they were classically made.


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