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nutty skin

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The film UK/DK is a documentary about UK punks and skins highlighting some great bands. You can watch the whole film in sections on youtube so if you get the chance i recommend it. If you skip into this video 7 1/2 minutes you can have the pleasure of watching this skinhead get a taz tattoo!

“I smoke a brown pipe like the breast of a little negress.” -Francis Jammes

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About four years ago i bought my first pipe. I have been utterly obsessed with them ever since. i own somewhere around 50 of them and don’t want to even think how much money i have spent on pipes and pipe accessories. I once sold a guitar to cover half of the total price of a pipe i HAD to have. i love everything about them. I get giddy every time i see one on a shelf in  a junk antique mall, or an old add with some guy smoking a pipe. But being a tattooer i get a bit of EXTRA  excitement when i see a tattoo or tattoo flash incorporating pipes. I love history in general, so, when i particularly love a topic i enjoy looking into its history all the more. Europe and America’s “civilized” cultures have a relatively young history when it comes to tattoos. Roughly 150 years. If you go back and look through the flash designs there are mainstays that have stood strong through the changing of times. Snakes, dragons, eagles, flags, skulls, hearts, and things of this sort will always be classics. But there are other types of designs that did not remain part of the traditions. Hordes of strange and corky designs were ignored for decades. BUT, more recently there has been a great resurgence in traditional tattoos. More and more people are reaching into tattoos past to rediscover the images people once chose to adorn themselves for whatever reasons. Even the weirdest and most obscure of designs.

Pipes and Tobacco are intimately tangled with western society’s culture and history. So it is a given that in classic american and european tattoo designs pipes would be quite present. I think this is the reason that there has been such a boom in tattooers using pipes as a common theme in their work. And as for me, I think its awesome. think about it. A skull makes a great tattoo, but maybe you want to spice it up a bit… BAM! Put a pipe in it’s mouth and you got something.

I think also pipes have become something of a nostalgic iconic image so in nearly any context it adds something aesthetically eye catching to the design, whatever it may be.

I stole a few random tattoos and paintings from tattooers websites as some examples, I didn’t have permission but i took them with all esteem and respect. There is so much more tattoo work out there continually incorporating pipes as a theme but these were a few i knew i could conveniently find. Hope someone can appreciate this topic as much as me.

These first four are by Robert Ryan.

This one is a classy one by Sarah Schor

I love this crazy one by Mr four eyes

A.P. Shrewsbury did this nice bold classic looking one.

And this last one is on myself and was tattooed by Daniel Peace

If anyone comes across more great tattoos with pipes, especially historical tattoo flash, let me know.


weaving spiders come not here

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Welcome to The Bohemian Grove. It is owned by us, The Bohemian Club. The club was formed in 1872 and started our annual encampment in 1878, but we have only been settled here in bohemian grove since 1893, which we finally purchased in 1899. Oh, I see you’ve noticed out beautiful owl statue. What’s that you asked? Yes, 40 feet tall. Impressive, i know. It was designed by our two time president Haig Patigain in the 20s and has served as the “backdrop” for the Cremation of Care since 1929. Oh, you don’t know what the cremation of care is. Well… Hm.. how can i explain without sounding..well… insane. Well, basically we have a huge ritualistic ceremony where we sacrifice an “effigy” of a child (which represents our cares in life) in front of this giant owl statue. Why an owl you say? Well, the owl has served as our symbol for some time. Some like to think it stands for wisdom but many of us know it is a representation of Molech.  molech? Oh Molech or Moloch are names given to a idol refered to in the Bible refered to as a “horned creature” often depicted as a bull or in our case, a horned owl. Yeah, people would sacrifice their children to moloch to hope to gain his favor. No, don’t worry. we don’t use real children. well, not anymore. and wven in the old days it’s not like they were OUR children. haha. Women? No we don’t allow any women here, and don’t let these other boys here you talking like that. It’s a touchy subject, but don’t worry there are plenty of friendly men around here and we can even get some discrete working boys to do whatever you need. Who else comes here? Pretty much anyone who matters. Every Republican U.S. president since 1923 (as well as some Democrats), many cabinet officials, directors and CEOs of large corporations including major financial institutions. Major military contractors, oil companies, banks (including the Federal Reserve), utilities (including nuclear power) and national media (broadcast and print) have high-ranking officials as club members or guests. Why, we even had the ol’ terminator out this year! Anyway, let me show you some pictures from our scrapbook.

the oldest symbol we know

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Thats right. The swastika is the oldest known symbol. Sure the nazis mucked it up but it existed far before Hitler dragged it through the mud. Hitler hated christians and still used crosses but for some reason we don’t have the same feelings towards the cross as the swastika, not even the “iron cross”. Throughout history the swastika has represented something positive. Though it has varied from culture to culture it has never stood for something negative or hateful up until the nazi era. And in many cultures today it is still used in a positive way. Finland, Iceland, the Latin Americas, America, Japan, Italy, China, India. These are just a handful of places it has been commonly used.

The expression Swastika comes from the Sanskrit (a language from the Indian subcontinent) word “Svastika”, composed of the syllables SU – (good) and ASTI (to be), meaning “to be lucky” or “salutary” or “what is good”. I think its time we take it back.

This bowl was found in Samarra and is dated around 4,000 BC.

This is an all girl Canadian hockey team.

This is Clara Bow, a silent film star.

The swastika was commonly used in the west for good luck. Being composed of four “L”s people said it meant ” luck light life and love”


the tattoo archive

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About a week ago or so a few of us from the shop drove up to the tattoo archive in Winston-Salem North Carolina. It took us a little over 3 hours and was well worth it. Chuck Eldridge and his wife(the book mistress) were unbelievably nice and talked with us for some time about all sorts of tattoo history stuff. They had such a great selection of books at very reasonable prices that made me wish i had brought more cash with me. The front of the Archive serves as a museum that has a small “feature” exhibit that changes every so often and the back of the shop serves as the book store with two tattoo rooms off to the left side. Because our trip was so last minute we made no plans and were unable to get any tattoos, but there is always next time. Chuck was nice enough to let us take pictures but I think he would appreciate it if i only  posted a few to wet your tattoo history appetite enough to make you go visit the tattoo archive yourself.

into the wild… sort of

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Just a couple nights ago, me and Hayden took an impromptu camping trip to Dreher Island on Lake murray. Nothing too crazy, just some good old fashion father son time.


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I finally got Jamie back in here to finish up her circus extravaganza. I want to check it out once it heals and maybe to a few finishing touches but all and all i am very happy with it. It makes me want birthday cake!