the oldest symbol we know


Thats right. The swastika is the oldest known symbol. Sure the nazis mucked it up but it existed far before Hitler dragged it through the mud. Hitler hated christians and still used crosses but for some reason we don’t have the same feelings towards the cross as the swastika, not even the “iron cross”. Throughout history the swastika has represented something positive. Though it has varied from culture to culture it has never stood for something negative or hateful up until the nazi era. And in many cultures today it is still used in a positive way. Finland, Iceland, the Latin Americas, America, Japan, Italy, China, India. These are just a handful of places it has been commonly used.

The expression Swastika comes from the Sanskrit (a language from the Indian subcontinent) word “Svastika”, composed of the syllables SU – (good) and ASTI (to be), meaning “to be lucky” or “salutary” or “what is good”. I think its time we take it back.

This bowl was found in Samarra and is dated around 4,000 BC.

This is an all girl Canadian hockey team.

This is Clara Bow, a silent film star.

The swastika was commonly used in the west for good luck. Being composed of four “L”s people said it meant ” luck light life and love”


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