“Chicago has a strange metaphysical elegance of death about it.” Claes Oldenburg

I just got back from Chicago visiting the in-laws for thanksgiving. While i was there i did some fun tattoos. Here are some pictures of a handful of them for your viewing pleasure.

I did this ship on my artist friend Jason seiler. check him out at http://www.jasonseiler.com . He’ll blow your mind.

This blue whale is a little different than my usual way of doing things but it was a lot of fun and i like the end product, even the little orange krill. This is on Erica Davenport. I also tattooed her husband Josh Davenport but didn’t get a picture. He tipped me with an acoustic guitar, which is totally SICK. Check his music out at www.myspace.com/lassothesalt .

Trevor asked for a heart with a dagger through it and some arrows being deflected off it. And thats just what he received.

Brendan is Hawaiian. What’s more Hawaiian than a sea turtle? I had a lot of fun doing all those little single needle circles.

My southern brother Michael Shelby got this childhood memory. He had a little gash on his shin that i had to work around. I am sure that it didn’t feel too hot. We had fun though.

My wife’s brother Drew got these castle doors. It was a strange thing to design but i was pretty into how it turned out. It’s hard to tell in the picture but i did some stippling in the hinges and handles which gave it kind of a hammered out look.

Robert Goodwin is a great friend of mine. we’ve been through a lot and hanging out with him is always a highlight of my trips to chicago. He got all three of these tattoos and we had a blast doing them. He sat like a champ for his knee cap, didn’t make a sound or budge an inch. Check out his infamous band Headnoise at www.myspace.com/headnoise .

And last but not least, rich troche, my wife andrea and myself got these awesome TCB stick and poke friendship tattoos. Oh the memories.


3 Responses to ““Chicago has a strange metaphysical elegance of death about it.” Claes Oldenburg”

  1. finally some updates!

    – pal, jaime

  2. TCB for life!!! Dude those pics came out awesome and i have to say the pictures don’t do your work justice. All these tats are sweet! You should come back to Chicago soon!!!

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