” I’m not actually qualified to do anything” Dom Mazzetti

Here are a few tattoos from the past couple of weeks.

Stephen got this variation of the Sailor Jerry flash. I am real happy with how it turned out.

Reese was in from michigan for a week. I was supposed to do a sweet blackface on him but Jeremy beat me to it so i did these daggers instead.

My aunt got these swallows a week or so ago and she stopped in so I could get this healed picture.

This is the second dead bird tattoo I’ve done on Leah. I am sure it will turn into a dead bird sleeve.

I had the hardest time taking pictures of this one because it is right over a lot of stretch marks. But i do really like the design and how the tattoo turned out.

Last of all is this lovely devil head thing that “the arm” got as a tribute to his scumbag father. I am stoked to see how it heals and was glad to do this for him.

Thanks for looking.


One Response to “” I’m not actually qualified to do anything” Dom Mazzetti”

  1. This Devil’s head is amazing! nice work. Fathers….who needs em anyway.

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