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” I’m not actually qualified to do anything” Dom Mazzetti

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Here are a few tattoos from the past couple of weeks.

Stephen got this variation of the Sailor Jerry flash. I am real happy with how it turned out.

Reese was in from michigan for a week. I was supposed to do a sweet blackface on him but Jeremy beat me to it so i did these daggers instead.

My aunt got these swallows a week or so ago and she stopped in so I could get this healed picture.

This is the second dead bird tattoo I’ve done on Leah. I am sure it will turn into a dead bird sleeve.

I had the hardest time taking pictures of this one because it is right over a lot of stretch marks. But i do really like the design and how the tattoo turned out.

Last of all is this lovely devil head thing that “the arm” got as a tribute to his scumbag father. I am stoked to see how it heals and was glad to do this for him.

Thanks for looking.