putting the pieces together

I met Ryan a year ago or more. He came in and got his lucky racing number, a 13. like most people he said he was gonna come back  to get more but i usually think little of it. He ended up coming back and wanted me to turn the few tattoos he had on his arm into a half sleeve. Shortly after that he wanted to turn the half sleeve into a full sleeve. It’s a pieced together pseudo traditional sleeve that has been fun to throw together. Unlike a lot of tattooers i kind of like working around existing tattoos and making them work together, filling the confined and limited space between tattoos. The last session we did i put the color in his forearm and did the elephant on his elbow(which isn’t seen in these pictures) only for him to break his hand and get a cast up to his elbow over most of the work we just did. I was nervous but thankfully it didn’t seem to affect much. These are not very extensive pictures of the work, just a few snapshots of it. i did not do the bombs, skeleton hand grenade or the script.

and he also got this skull on his foot the other day


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