Hans Nilsen Langseth

Hans Langseth, King Whiskers
as he was called, who holds the record for
the world’s longest beard, 18 feet 6 inches long.He was born in Norway on July 14th, 1846.It is often assumed his beard was only 17 feet 6 inches longbut when it was cut off after his death they left 12 inches on his face.He spent some of his life traveling with sideshows but became tired of skeptics tugging on his whiskers.At one point in his life he determined to cut it off but halfway through he could not bring himself to finish.This of course  explains the more narrow sections of his beard.As time wore on it was common for him to roll his beard into a balland tuck it into his vest or jacket.This is the most notable photos of Hans at age 66.Click HERE to see the only known video of Hans

And click HERE to read more about him and his life.


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