“That’s the fire swamp! We’ll never survive” “Nonsense! You’re only saying that because no one ever has.” The Princess Bride

Congaree swamp is about 20 minutes from my house. It is the largest remnant of old-growth floodplain forest remaining on the continent. the cypress trees with their knees sticking up all over are amazing and beautiful. i love going there and walking around. there are over 20 miles of trails and boardwalks. sometimes you’ll see deer, bobcats, owls, woodpeckers and boar, and marine life like alligator gar, alligator snapping turtles and river otters. i haven’t been there for a long walk in some time but some friends convinced me it would be good for me. It was needed. off the beaten path we came to weston lake where hundreds of birds were going crazy. I felt like i was in lost world. I am looking forward to taking my son there when he gets home and maybe going camping there soon. unfortunately I didn’t take many photos but here are the few i did take.

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