“Tattooing has been a great experience, a never-ending joy. I’ve seen life, and more than half of the world. The little tattooer’s buzzer made it possible. Each day, I eagerly look forward to what will come, and am as thrilled with the job I do today as I was with my first tattoo. I take photos of some of my work, and put it on the wall for all to see. I’m like the little kid bringing home a picture he drew, saying, ‘Look Mom, what I did today’.” Doc Webb

My old friend and shop floor manager Jason Fant just became a certified structural welder. I tattooed his instructor for some extra class time. He wanted some crazy harley skull design. I redrew it and made it biker as hell. But what was really awesome is he only had 3 other tattoos done in the 70s, all done by the famous San Diego tattooer Doc Webb. I felt honored to have tattooed this guy who was carrying around tattoo history and didn’t even know it.

This was a dragon out of high times magazine.Here is a video of doc webb talking about tattoos and such.

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