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“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~St. Augustine

Posted in travel with tags , , , on July 18, 2011 by barrelrider

I met this guy Frenchie on the street outside Jpusa in Chicago. He couldn’t remember who did them or where he got them.

I did this buffalo on Edie. The picture was taken a couple of days after i did the tattoo. Definitely a fun one.

A visit to the dog park with Rich and Kasha.

Hell yeah!Chicago is overrun with feral bunnies! No jokeJetro was nuts

From Chicago i headed to Galesburg on Rusty’s veggie oil bus to hang with my friend Dale and everyone at Hawks tattoos for a couple days.

Hawk’s Tattoos is an epic adventure.

Got some magic added to my wizard hawk did a couple years back in a hotel bathtub.I got to hold and run some amazing vintage tattoo machines.

check out the emerald spark on this pristine original wagner! It still had a needle with black pigment all over it.This machine is Bert Grimm’s earliest known machine he tattooed with and here it is sparking in my hand!Pre-capacitor era machine with this insane condenser. suprisingly light weightCheck out this set up! crazy pivot point action and notice the difference of liner and shader.   This was tahiti felix’s personal liner.

Dale’s awesome original percy waters blueprint sheet.This machine is pre-jonesy and is believed to be the key to many mysteries.Check out this sick cobra box made by scott harrison given to Mr. Ed YoungGetting tattooed by Ed