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“Americans are the great Satan, the wounded snake.” Ayatollah Khomeini

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On Monday Ryan had a buddy randomly show up in town and surprise him. He had hardly slept having driven from Virginia during the night and the first thing he wanted to do was get a tattoo. Ryan brought him in and we did this cool snake to fill the void on his arm. The very next day he came in and got a little black panther. fun times.


putting the pieces together

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I met Ryan a year ago or more. He came in and got his lucky racing number, a 13. like most people he said he was gonna come back  to get more but i usually think little of it. He ended up coming back and wanted me to turn the few tattoos he had on his arm into a half sleeve. Shortly after that he wanted to turn the half sleeve into a full sleeve. It’s a pieced together pseudo traditional sleeve that has been fun to throw together. Unlike a lot of tattooers i kind of like working around existing tattoos and making them work together, filling the confined and limited space between tattoos. The last session we did i put the color in his forearm and did the elephant on his elbow(which isn’t seen in these pictures) only for him to break his hand and get a cast up to his elbow over most of the work we just did. I was nervous but thankfully it didn’t seem to affect much. These are not very extensive pictures of the work, just a few snapshots of it. i did not do the bombs, skeleton hand grenade or the script.

and he also got this skull on his foot the other day

“The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic and a killer” D.H. Lawrence

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Stephen has been doing a great job getting our new room looking sick. After getting more of the flash up we knocked this puppy out.